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Andrew Såulf, CSI
Award Winning Dolby Colorist Finishing Artist based in the LA Arts District

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About Me

Andrew Såulf, CSI

I've been in the film and TV industry for over 20 years and began as a camera operator for broadcast television at the age of 16 and then graduated from film school in New York before moving into post production in Los Angeles. My passion is color and finishing for TV, commercial, film and streaming content. I love working in a large variety of genres and project types which enables me to develop unique skills and tools to then bring to each new piece I work on. I'm a technologist and artist at heart; I'm most happy when I get to use new tech to make art come alive. I'm a full member of The Colorist Society, my work has won multiple awards and I have extensive experience working with ACES color pipeline and deliverables to streaming studios as well as DCP festival deliveries to Tribecca, Sundance and Berlinale.

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